merry1Your membership supports the museum’s efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the art and history of carousel. Without members this marvelous art form would be an endangered species. We need your help to continue to provide an entertaining experience for more than 20,000 visitors each year and share this history with others.

Our exhibit philosophy dictates that the Museum has much more to experience than just a ride on the carousel. It is an entertaining, yet educational guided tour presenting carousel art, history, preservation, production, and restoration. It is not sufficient to simply identify a carousel animal and its creator, but to provide date of manufacture, in possible, provenance and details of the carver, factory, and process of manufacture.

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Senior & Student$20Free admission for member only
Individual$25Free admission for member only
Family$40Free admission for immediate family
Jumper$100Free admission for immediate family & 4 guest passes.
Prancer$250Free family admission, 6 guest passes & select special event discounts
Standers$500Free family admission, 8 guest passes and select special event discounts
Chariot$1000Free family admission, 12 guest passes, select free special event tickets
Brass Ring$5000All the above and museum rental for your own event (best value)