IMG_5654Muller’s Military Horse

Often referred to simply as Muller’s Military Horse, this magnificent carousel horse, carved in 1917 by Daniel C. Muller, is known for more than simply showcasing Muller’s fascination with Civil War and pre-World War II Calvary mounts. Rather, its real claim to fame is that it is often called the only haunted carousel horse in existence.

Although the legend of the Haunted Steed seems to have gone through a few changes through the years, the most current one is as follows:

Upon seeing her husband’s creation, Mrs. Muller fell in love with the horse. So much so that even after her death, her ghost returned to the Cedar Point Carousel to ride it.  In fact, her love was so strong that her ghost would make it impossible for anyone to photograph the horse, lest someone else view it and fall in love with it. The Museum has a replica of this horse and people say sometimes they can hear her walking around the place at night to admire the beauty of this unique steed.

 The Little Girl

There are a lot of items that are donated to the museum from estates and it is believed that sometimes spirits can be attached to these belongings as in the case with the Muller’s Military Horse.

We have had countless stories from both patrons, employees and paranormal investigators about hearing what sounds like a little girl giggling and running around the museum.

A few people have reported their jacket or shirt being tugged on as if there was a invisible child.

There have also been stories of whispers of a little girl into the ears of carvers and painters when they are in the workshop in the basement alone as well as hearing the footsteps running around and the shirt tugs. She seems to be a very playful spirit who we believe may be attached to one of the pieces we have in the basement that has been donated. You can see in the picture a small footprint that appeared on the seat of a bike in the dust shortly after we started to get reports of paranormal experiences with her. The surroundings continue to build up dust but the footprint looks like it was just done. We discovered the footprint in 2012 and it looks the same today as the day we found it.

Below are two videos from one of the paranormal groups where they had some activity and direct responses from this spirit.

"Footprint assumed to be from the ghost of a little girl"

I was at the Museum for a visit and I heard footsteps come running up the stairs from the basement.  I turned to look and nothing was there except the chill that ran down my spine.

Justin Majeroni

I visited the Museum last summer. I was taking pictures by myself and kept turning around because it sounded like someone kept running up behind me then pulling my shirt. Everyone else was on the other side listening to the tour.

Denise Hall

postaljanitorThe Post Office Janitor

As you know from the museum history, the building used to be the Sandusky Post Office.

There have been sightings of a older man randomly walking around the museum. A few employees have heard the jingle of keys thoughout the halls and upstairs at night. Occasionally you can even hear what sounds like footsteps on the base of the carousel!  Rumor has it that while cleaning in what is now the Archives he had a heart attack and passed away.

We have tried to get information from the post office here in town but everyone that worked in this building has since retired so we have no name nor a year/date when he passed away.