2013 Raffle Horse

Concept Stage
The 2013 Raffle Horse is being created in a “Love” theme to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  During this stage of our Raffle Horse, Master Carver Kate Adam, will design the horse and color schemes that will be produced on a painting canvas.  Once the canvas painting is complete the next step is to transfer the image to a large blue print that will guide the carving crew into blocking stage.


2013 Raffle Horse Carving Process 1

Blocking Stage
This is the 2013 Raffle Horse in the blocking stage.  This is where the horse will first start to come to life.  The carvers will work off of a blue print that will guide them in the blocking of the horse.  There are many blocks of wood that are all separate at this point.  The head, neck, body, legs, and tail at this point are all separate blocks.



Carving Stage
This is the 2013 Raffle Horse in the carving stage.  During the carving stage all of the blocks are carved separate until they carvers reach a point where all the blocks can be glued together.  During this stage the carvers will “find the horse” as they call it.  Once they have found the horse in the blocks they can gradually start to work on the detail elements of the horse.

horseblankPriming Stage
This is the 2013 Raffle Horse in the priming stage. This is the last stage before the horse will go to the paint department. Roughly 4-5 layers of primer will be applied while sanding of the horse will take place between the spraying of each coat of primer.


Finished Stage
This is the 2013 Raffle Horse in its finished stage. Painting of the horse is the last stage of creating our Raffle Horses. Once the painting has been completed. The carving and painting crew will have spent over 400 hours from the concept drawing stage to the last stroke of the paint brush.